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Welcome to High 5 Media Partners, a full-service marketing and media agency for local and regional businesses. We strive to be a High Energy, Progressive, and Trusted Marketing Company that Produces Long Term, Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Clients, Vendors and Employees.

There is a secret to successful marketing. It’s call good, old-fashioned elbow grease! Some say marketing is an art. We don’t disagree. We love beautiful and engaging creative. Others say marketing is a science. We also agree. Delivering measurable, trackable, and repeatable results brings us great joy. But more than anything, successful marketing is a discipline. We roll up our sleeves, dig in and create campaigns that work. We believe there is no substitute for hard work. Lucky for you, we have a team of ridiculously experienced, talented, smart, honest individuals who work their butts off. This is our recipe for creating success for those we partner with.


We are not “Yes” people.

What does that mean? At the end of the day, we’re on the same team working toward a common goal. We aren’t just going to smile, nod and agree to every idea brought to the table. We want to make sure that we are implementing solutions – not just fragmented ideas.

We don’t push products that are not right for the goal.

We aren’t just pushing products to push products. We vow to put in the research and work to truly understand, develop a meaningful strategy, and implement effective solutions. Product pushers typically have their goals in mind, not yours. With High 5 Media Partners that will never be in question. We strive to implement solutions, not just products, that will drive results to achieve YOUR goals and continued success.

We are fun, like to cut up, and laugh a lot.

While we certainly aren’t comedians (Although Tiffany should have been - but that’s a topic for another day), we like to have fun, laugh, and enjoy the work we do. So, when you partner with High 5 Media Partners buckle up, because this “ride” is going to be a blast!

We work at all times of the day and night.

Don’t be surprised to get emails at 2 in the morning. We are just crazy like that. Besides, who really needs that much sleep? We think it is over-rated.Your success is our success – and that means we’re willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Our hours can sometimes be crazy, and maybe at times we’re a little delusional, but we make sure every job gets done…. And gets done WELL!

When you partner with us, we become family, like it or not.

We can’t promise we won’t have our ‘dysfunctional family’ days, but we’ll have good days, and we’ll have our not-so-good days. We’ll have winning streaks, record months, and we’ll have “what happened this month” months, but no matter what we’re wading the waters with you. Stuck at the hip. Mi casa es su casa. We’re in for the long haul. So welcome to our family.


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Credibility, Creativity, Transparency, and Accountability.  It is our mission to provide great customer service while also bridging the gaps, taking your business to the next level.  We pride ourselves in what we do.  Contact us today to get started. Together we will pair your business needs with an effective media strategy.